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We specialize in handcrafted wines from around the world at unbelievable prices.
1705 New Lenox Road Joliet, Illinois 60433
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Red and White Wine Tasting Glasses
Complimentary Harvest Tasting
Wednesday, September 25

Join us as we toast to fall! We'll be pouring handcrafted wines from our Cellar Collection that pair perfectly with your fall festivities - exclusive tasting specials will be available.

Reserve your space here.

OUR CURRENT FAVORITES | Mix & Match Entire Cellar Collection - over 30% OFF

Bottle of Corsiero Nero wine
Corsiero Nero
Flavors of blackberry, violet, smoky vanilla, and oak.

$11.99 per bottle or $8.25 per bottle with any (12) Cellar Collection

Cellar Collection
Bottle of Visionario Spumante NV wine
Visionario Spumante
Peach, yellow apple, and pear flavors on the palate.

$11.99 per bottle or $8.25 per bottle with any (12) Cellar Collection

Cellar Collection
Bottle of Mario Ercolino Saserello wine
Mario Ercolino Saserello
Mouthfuls of dark fruit, spicy black pepper and vanilla.

$11.99 per bottle or $8.25 per bottle with any (12) Cellar Collection

Cellar Collection


At The Wine Cellar Outlet, we strive to provide a passionate, fresh and approachable store in which to browse (and sample!) a wide selection of often handmade, and always outstanding value, wines.

Since opening, we've stocked a comprehensive range from the world's better known producers (we know everyone has their old favorites), but our real joy is sourcing from smaller family-run wineries. Enjoy discovering new, exceptional quality, boutique-style wines and be pleasantly surprised by their phenomenal value. Go ahead, Uncork Something New, For Less.


Eric J.
Cellar Manager

Eric has been a member of The Wine Cellar Outlet team for over 5 years! His dedication combined with exceptional customer service, make him invaluable to The Wine Cellar Group.
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1705 New Lenox Road Joliet, IL 60433 (815) 630-5686 To email us, click here.

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